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We publish and promote great books of poetry every year. We are a small press with a snappy look, dedicated to quality literature printed in the USA. We are not a printer, we are a sweet publishing house located on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. As of 2015 we have launched 102 titles and 40 ebooks.

We publish some of the top selling, living poets in America.

We had a physical bookstore but closed it and are now relying on online sales and international distribution.

We are currently not accepting unsolicited submissions. We are currently not hiring interns.

We are distributed by one of the largest book distributors in America, SCB Distributors. We are proud to be one of the few publishers that prints our books in the USA. We plant a tree in a needy forest for every book we print during first run printings. (ecolibris.net)

We are proud of our unique style by utilizing modern painters, photographers and rock album designers for all our book cover art. We publish and promote 4-14 tour savvy authors per year. We are grass roots, DIY, boot strap believers who believe that great poetry and other forms of literature changes people for the better. We believe the way authors make a living is to create broad fan bases built from heavy touring, great looking books and the ability to read well out loud. Our employees are authors and artists so we call ourselves a family.

Read our submission link for submission guidelines. If you give all your blood and intensity to your writing, if you feel your writing can move people, if you are willing to do the tireless work it takes to promote your book, then we might be the publishing house for you. Current submission dates for new manuscripts will only be accepted in possibly in March 2015 or 2016. YOU MUST READ OUR SUBMISSIONS LINK. Submit 3 poems or 3 short stories or a mix. There is a two round selection process. Those advancing to the final round will need to submit  a full manuscript of 40 poems or 15 to 20 short stories. Out of those 20 or so finalists, two to eight authors will be selected to join our family.

Note: You must tour if you are part of our family. At least 20 shows a year. Just like a band. You can tour your state, or the world. We  look forward to your submissions.

Contact us with questions, we’d love to hear your input. Good luck. Remember, do not submit your work early before the submission period.


Write Bloody Publishing was started in 2004 by traveling poet and former paratrooper Derrick Brown.

After spending years book touring throughout Europe and the U.S. — both solo and with assorted crew of talented poets and writers — Brown realized the untapped potential in the contemporary poetry market for authors who were hitting the road in bars, theaters and clubs, building fan-bases and putting on entertaining readings.

Brown was seeing young, smart, page savvy poets, prose writers and poetry performers sell out shows, with only self-published, junky looking chapbooks available for sale. It seemed ridiculous and fateful that publishing houses — both mainstream or independent — hadn’t signed on some of the best known & hardest working touring authors on the scene today.

Brown envisioned a publishing house which celebrated touring authors, a press which would give gorgeous, modern, ISBN-kissed books to those hard-working wordsters who rocked stages, crashed on couches and slept in vans. The work couldn’t be typical and it had to soar on the page. It also had to take only the best authors and market them to the world with a distribution plan.

This has been the guiding philosophy of Write Bloody:

Let the poets and authors who tour be the marketing; let this publishing house be the source for a movement.

Brown realized that all these great poets needed were great books, and for him to get out of the way.

Write Bloody is now partnered with over 50 authors and artists, 102 titles, who are working together to make this vision come true. Brown’s background in the independent music and indie arts heavily influenced the look and feel of Write Bloody. Utilizing rock album designers and photographers, Write Bloody’s look is as fresh, hard-charging and unapologetic as its writers are.

Write Bloody authors are diverse and out there — in small record shops and large colleges, in strange theaters and swampy bars — doing readings all across Europe, Australia and the United States. Going to a reading will one day be as common as going to the movies or to see a band and Write Bloody is currently paving the way. Our books are found in bookstores around the world from Guam to Berlin. We do prefer the indie seller Powells.com

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to bring one of our authors to your town, or write one up in your magazine, blog or alt-weekly. If you’d like to do an article on our press, click contact us and we will make the interview saucy. We would love to hear from you, and appreciate all that you do to help spread the word!

Write Bloody. Quality American Books.


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