phoneDerrick C. Brown, President & Founder

Derrick is a comedian, poet and storyteller. He is a former Paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne and is the president of one of what Forbes and Filter Magazine call “…one of the best independent poetry presses in the country,” Write Bloody Publishing, which has launched over 112 books of poetry. He is the author of six books of poetry and three children’s books. The New York Times calls his work, “…a rekindling of faith in the weird, hilarious, shocking, beautiful power of words.” He is from LA.

You can find out more about Derrick at and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram









Madison Mae Parker, Vice President

Madi is a writer, poet, arts organizer, teaching artist, and performing artist. She has been director of organizations such a Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival, Mic Check Poetry, The Eckleburg Project, and more. Her hair may be pink, but her soul is actually dark (just kidding, it’s actually filled with anime and Adventure Time and poetry). She is currently an artist-in-resident in KCMO.

You can find out more about her from her website: as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Her other project is a physical theatre collective titled The One Thousand Project.



Keaton Maddox, Senior Editor

Keaton first came to the press when there was still a brick-and-mortar store in Austin, Texas. A voracious reader, he has edited books across all genres, but maintains his love for poetry above all else. In addition to his role as Senior Editor for Write Bloody, he is the Associate Editor of Red Hen Press and the Assistant Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Review. He lives and writes in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.









image1-4Katie Hogan, Managing Editor

Katie Hogan is the founder, creative director, and editor-in-chief of The Altar Collective, a small press and arts collective. She is currently getting her MA in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College.












Lino Anunciacion, Senior Media Manager

Lino Anunciacion is a spoken word artist, art community organizer, and full-time college student living in Bryan, Texas. He is the current President of his local poetry scene, Mic Check Poetry, and director of Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival. You can find his work in publications like Pressure Gauge Press, Alien Mouth, and The Eckleburg Project. He is obsessed with blurry lights and terrified of deep waters.

You can watch Lino Anunciacion’s poetry on Write About Now and follow him on Twitter!




Write Bloody loves to offer internships to those interested in the publishing/art/poetry world. Internships last anywhere from 2-4 months. As of September 2016, we are not accepting any new interns. Please check back late fall/early winter for an opportunity to apply to our internship program. 

Write Bloody is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate based on race, gender, age, or sexuality. 





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