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#AWP2017, Spring Releases, and more!

Dearly Beloved,



Goodnight January, good morning February! We’ve got a month full of excitement and poetry for you. Check out the latest news on the AWP Conference, our spring book releases, and our Write Bloody Author updates! Buckle in, we’ve got a wild one.

Happy Black History Month

Write Bloody is proud to celebrate Black History Month. Moreover, we are proud to celebrate Black people all year round. There are amazing people of color on our press. We are grateful for all poets of color pushing the power of poetry at our press and beyond. The most celebratory thing you can do is listen to the stories of Black people and support them in all facets of life. Go buy a book from a Black writer. Go watch a Black-directed movie. Eat dinner at a Black-owned restaurant. Support Black artists. When you fill up on our WB family members, here are a few to check out from others that are sure to inspire and blow your mind:

Patricia Smith
Jamaal May
Danez Smith
Terrance Hayes
Claudia Rankine
Tracy k. Smith
Aziza Barnes
Edwin Bodney
Mohagany Browne
Major Jackson
Kevin Young

Association of Writers and Writing Programs:

Otherwise known as AWP. Otherwise known as next week. Considered by most to take place in Washington D.C. this year. Vastly acknowledged as the ultimate gathering of writers and publishers and readers and wonderful human beings. The AWP Conference & Book Fair is the meet-up of the century for all lovers of words, and you better believe Write Bloody is gonna be there. If ya don’t know, now ya know. Here’s the pertinent details:


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Catch us at the book fair! We’ve got the bloodiest, gutsiest, loveliest poetry collections and merchandise just for you. We’ll be partnering with University of Hell Press, so come check out their books and merch. You can find us starting at 9am on Thursday morning (2/9) and we’re gonna rock and roll until 5:30pm Saturday night. Follow us on twitter/facebook/instagram to get updates on when authors will be helping out and signing copies!


Write Bloody Super Party Author Showcase

You want more and we got it. Kick off the conference Thursday night with our incomparable showcase of WB Authors. Some of your favorite veterans and some of our new-blood authors will be reading their work at the Logan Fringe Art Space! The marvelous Sarah Kay and Madi Mae Parker will be hosting the evening. Doors open at 7:30pm. Buy your tickets now, before they sell out!


“Spring showers bring May flowers and April Write Bloody Books” — Ancient Proverb.

Remember the six authors who won our submission contest last winter? Well three of them are getting prepared to bring the thunder in just a few months. Books will be on shelves by April, and you can pre-order your copies now! Learn more about our spring authors below:

Oh God Get Out Get Out by Bill Moran

Bill's adjusted ad


Bill Moran’s collection, Oh God Get Out Get Out, goes through us like ugly medicine. It wades through his anxietywater– the grief, trauma, mental illness, money, addiction, deceased friends, and long EMS shifts . . . It doesn’t look away from the dark. It kindly refuses an early exit.  You’ll hate the taste, but he swears you can drink this like medicine . . .

Pecking Order by Nicole Homer

Nicole's adjusted ad

Nicole Homer’s first full-length poetry collection, Pecking Order, is an unflinching look at how race and gender politics play out in the domestic sphere . . . Her poems range from the intimate details of motherhood to the universal experiences of parenting; the dynamics of multiracial families to parenting black children; and the ingrained social hierarchy which places the black mother at the bottom. Homer forces us to reckon with the truth that no one—not even the mother—is unbiased.

Ordinary Cruelty by Amber Flame

Amber Ad

In her debut poetry collection, Ordinary Cruelty, Amber Flame spells out rituals in everyday decisions to hold on or let go. While questioning the role of elder, mentor, mother in the face of losing those figures, Flame details the unrelenting nature of parenthood through the cycles of grief. Her poems exuberantly rejoice in the brown skin of the female body, while soberly acknowledging the societal dangers of claiming such skin as home. Flame takes the reader through a visceral examination of the body’s processes of both dying and continuing to live and the joy to be found while we do.

(Thoroughly convinced? Pre-order your copies right now.)

More Author Updates

New Poems by Franny Choi!



In case you missed em, peep new poems published in Green Linden, Drunken Boat, and the New England Review (that last one’s print only)! Also, if you’ll be at AWP, Franny will be speaking on Thursday at 3pm at the panel “Zero Chill: Writers of Color Against Respectability.” Come say hello!

By Way of New York

Buddy’s headed to upstate New York to give a TEDx Talk at the beginning of March and decided to make a short tour of it. He’ll remain in the New England area for a couple weeks to do shows so be sure to check his tour page for details or contact bookingbuddywakefield@gmail.com for booking info. But first, this weekend in Los Angeles, Bud shares the stage with Academy-Award winner Graham Moore!

Stevie Edwards Writes and Reads a Lot of Things


Stevie Edwards has new poems reacting to the horror of the presidential election at Heavy Feather Reviewa Gertrude-Stein inspired piece about patriarchy at Vinyl, and a weird flash fiction piece about capitalism at Smoke Long Quarterly. She recently interviewed Mahogany L. Browne, Lynn Melnick,and Marcelo Hernandez Castillo for her Poet Activist series in Ploughshares Blog.  She also has recent reviews of play dead by francine j. harris and My Dinner with Ron Jeremy by Kendra DeColo up at Drunken Boat. She just finished her first semester as PhD candidate in creative writing at the University of North Texas and got all A’s (like a geek).

Rival Sons & [Derrick] Brown Sabbath take Europe

Final Rival Sons Graphic

 Captain of the WB Ship Derrick Brown and the legendary California-based rock band Rival Sons will tour throughout Europe in February! The show begins on February 5th and they’ll just keep rocking through March! Check out the cities and times at Derrick’s website.


Write Bloody stands with ACLU, the protesting Americans, and most importantly the refugees, ALL of which belong in this nation. We are proud and supportive of any and all writers and readers who are proactively fighting against the oppressive forces that be. Every fight against oppression in history was supported & recorded by American literature. Remember where you stand today. Write it down.

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See you in D.C.,

The Write Bloody Team

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Derrick’s got some shows!

Derrick’s got some shows!

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Fall 2016 Books!

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