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Meet this year's Bloody Editors, and more!

Hello August,

Things that have zipped by: The Year 2017, The Summer, The Write Bloody Submission Contest

Things to look forward to: The Fall Books, The Write Bloody Submissions Finalists, and this love letter!


Our submission period is finally closed! Thanks so much to everyone who submitted, we have a plethora of poems to read through, and our editors are so excited to do so. Finalists will be announced on Sept 30th.

Meanwhile, Meet The Editors:

These four awesome humans have joined our editing team for this year’s contest! Read more about them below:

Caitlin Scarano

Caitlin Scarano Real

Caitlin Scarano, author of the forthcoming Write Bloody book, Do Not Bring Him Water, is originally from southern Virginia, but now lives in Milwaukee, where she is a poet in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee PhD creative writing program. She has two poetry chapbooks: The White Dog Year (dancing girl press, 2015) and The Salt and Shadow Coiled (Zoo Cake Press, 2015). Her recent work can be found in GrantaCrazyhorse, and Ninth Letter.

Amber Flame

amber flame bio pic

Author of Ordinary Cruelty and an award-winning writer and performer, Amber Flame is also a singer for multiple musical projects. Flame’s original work is published and recorded in many diverse arenas, including Def Jam Poetry, Winter Tangerine, The Dialogist, Split This Rock, Jack Straw, Black Heart Magazine, Redivider, and forthcoming from Sundress Publications, harlequin creature, and more. Since moving to the Bay Area, Flame works at an independent media company, This Week in Blackness, as well as a teaching artist for various theater companies and co-produces the Oakland Slam.

Flo Davies


Florence Davies is currently an administrator at the Texas A&M University Writing Center. She has an M.F.A in Writing and Literature from Stony Brook University in New York. Prior to her employment at Texas A&M, she worked as a screener for Callaloo and taught creative writing for the nonprofit organization Writers in the School-Houston. She is currently working on her second contemporary novel for young adults.

Jordan Cooley

jordan cooley

Jordan Cooley is a writer, poet, arts organizer, teaching artist, and soon-to-be grad from Texas A&M University. She has directed organizations like Mic Check Poetry and Texas Grand Slam, as well as interned for Why There Are Words Press and JP Morgan’s Private Bank. She has work published by or forthcoming in Pressure Gauge PressWrite About Now PoetryFIVE:2:ONE and elsewhere. Uncertain what the near future holds for her, she has been focusing on developing her writing as well as other skills such as brewing a mean cup of coffee and watercolor painting.


The smell of fresh ink on paper floats through the window. The sound of pages being glued to covers plays softly in the distance. The fall books are here. It’s not too late to get your copy in the first batch of prints. Click on the beautiful book covers below to pre-order now!

Pre-order Caitlin Scarano's "Do Not Bring Him Water" today!! Fall books ship on September 15th!

Caitlin Scarano’s debut poetry collection, Do Not Bring Him Water, begins, ‘as a child you don’t ask yourself why you’re hiding, / you just hide.’ These poems bear witness to domestic trauma and the many forms it can take. In this collection, women escape knots of fishing wire, secret rooms behind radiator grates, hammers to the skull, vegetable gardens, howling houses, chains and chairs. Scarano orchestrates a strange, lyrical world where the lines between human/animal, male/female, past/future, guilt/innocence, and waking/dreaming blur with both visceral pleasure and danger. We are led through this world by a speaker who is attempting to both acknowledge and disrupt a history of violence and silence. Yes, perhaps ‘no one is made / for anyone,’ but love can still engender from loss.

Nancy Huang's forthcoming title, "Favorite Daughter", will be out on September 15th! Pre-order your copy today!

Favorite Daughter is a poetry collection trying to uproot America from inside the body, and find where China is buried underneath. Divided into four parts, Daughter explores ideas like navigating hybridity, localism, and harmony in ways that disturb commonly-held notions about broad terms like “belonging” and “cultural struggle.” A compilation of immigration stories, Chinese radio segments, Google translate entries, and dictionary remixes, Huang immerses herself in everything she is uncertain of.



Buddy’s hitting the road and the air and the water in the next stretch of touring to get from Denver to London to Holland. We found this prayer he released online today, Dear Big Everything, I’m touring again in the coming weeks. Please make them buy all the tickets now so I don’t have to do anymore promotional posts. Yours, Boomer


Poems aren’t a commodity, they’re a way of thinking.” Check out this interview on curiosity and creativity with Annelyse Gelman in the latest edition of UBC’s Nineteen Questions!


Megan Falley has teamed up with singer/songwriter Natalie Tate, and the two are releasing a series of poetry and music collaborations together. Check out this one of Megan performing a new poem, “When It Ended”, paired with Tate covering Patti Smith’s “Free Money.” Holy Heartache! For booking, e-mail poetryinschools@gmail.com

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Go forth and prosper, poet.

The Write Bloody Team

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