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Summer may be ending, but the poetry is just revving up!




You have one week left! Click on the photo or here to head to the submission page. The poetry contest closes August 31st.  For entry questions, email Emily Ott at EmilyWriteBloody@gmail.com

Meet Our Poetry Contest Editors!

timapple-2 Timothy Stafford
Tim Stafford is the editor of the anthology series Learn Then Burn. He is a former Chicago Poetry Slam Champion and will be representing the US at the International Spoken Word Festival in Germany this September.

IMG_8423Florence Davies 

Florence Davies is currently an administrator at the Texas A&M University Writing Center. She has an M.F.A in Writing and Literature from Stony Brook University in New York. Prior to her employment at Texas A&M, she worked as a screener for Callaloo and taught creative writing for the non-profit organization Writers in the School-Houston. She is currently working a contemporary novel for young adults.

Stevie Edwards-2Stevie Edwards

Stevie Edwards is the author of two poetry collections: Good Grief (Write Bloody 2012) and Humanly (Small Doggies 2015), the former of which received the Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze in Poetry and the Devil’s Kitchen Reading Award from SIU-Carbondale. She is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Muzzle Magazine and Senior Editor in Book Development at YesYes Books. She holds an MFA in poetry from Cornell University and is an incoming PhD candidate in the creative writing program at University of North Texas.

head shot

Tara Hardy 

Tara Hardy is the working class, Queer Femme, chronically ill, poet of Bent, a writing institute for LGBTQ writers. Her first book of poetry, Bring Down the Chandeliers, by Write Bloody Press primarily addressed being a father-daughter incest survivor. She is a former Seattle Poet Populist, Richard Hugo House Writer in Residence, and an alumna of Hedgebrook. Tara teaches at Seattle Central College, Richard Hugo House and Path With Art. She is the Arts Director at Gay City and believes art is a powerful tool for social change. Tara holds an MFA from Vermont College. Her book, My, My, My, My, My, is forthcoming from Write Bloody Press in the fall of 2016.

Survival Prep & Ebony Shoot 201 (3)Ebony Stewart

Ebony Stewart is a touring artist, poet, writer, occasional slammer. Been on some teams. Coached a lot of teams. Won a bunch of awards. Been featured in a bunch of articles, journals, and magazines. Ate a lot of cupcakes. She. Her. Woman. So black she be magic. Ebony Stewart aka The Gully Princess, story of the black girl winning.

image1-3Lino Anunciacion

Lino Anunciacion is a spoken word artist living in Bryan, Texas. He is the director of community outreach for his local poetry scene, Mic Check Poetry. You can find his work in publications like Pressure Gauge Press, Alien Mouth, and The Eckelburg Project. You can find him on twitter at @lighthousing_.

image1-4Katie Hogan

Katie Hogan is the founder, creative director, and editor-in-chief of The Altar Collective, a small press and arts collective. She is currently getting her MA in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College.


Keaton Maddox

Keaton Maddox is Associate Editor of Red Hen Press and Assistant Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Review. He lives and writes in Los Angeles.

Pages-MatamPages Matam

IMG_7742-edit-3Madison Mae Parker

Madison Mae “Madi Mae” Parker is VP at Write Bloody Publishing. She works, writes, organizes, performs, and teaches internationally, but mainly her home in Texas and Kansas City. She is also part of the touring performance art group, One Thousand Project. You can find her online talking about anime and poetry @madimae910.

IMG_1231Arielle Theobald

Arielle Theobald is a poet, student, activist, and intern at Write Bloody.  She is a mindful, creative soul aspiring to use her powers to help heal people, animals, and the planet.

13501703_10206701985493529_4742680990579904518_nAustyn Degelman

ghostrobRob Sturma

Rob Sturma is the editor-in-chief of the pop culture lit journal FreezeRay and has edited the nerdy anthologies Aim For The Head and MultiVerse for Write Bloody.  He tweets too much about pro wrestling @ratpackslim.

Emily_Headshot 1Emily Ott

Emily Ott is currently pursuing a BFA acting degree at St. Edward’s University and plans to take her acting career to New York in Fall 2017. Her passion for storytelling extends beyond theatrical performance, and also includes her love for reading, writing, and singing.

phoneDerrick C. Brown

Derrick C. Brown is the Founder and President of Write Bloody Publishing. He lives, writes, and works in Los Angeles.


fall 2016 book flyer_ 2

New Books This Fall! 

Buddy Wakefield’s Stunt Water (paperback), Derrick C. Brown’s Uh-Oh, Clint Smith’s Counting Descent, all launch for sale September 15th! Available for pre-order now! And Tara Hardy’s My, My, My, My,My will be available November 15th! Check out Write Bloody’s store online for full details. 

tim stafford
Aloha, Germany! 

Tim Stafford is heading back to Germany to represent the U.S.A. at the International Spoken Word Festival. He’ll be performing with some of the raddest poets from across Europe in a 4 day extravaganza capping off with a performance at the Hannover Opera House. Head on over to this website for full details! 





Stevie Edwards has new poems out in Hobart, Nashville Review, TinderboxWinter TangerineSuperstition ReviewUp the Staircase Quarterly, and Rust + Moth! Also, check out her first installment in a monthly spotlight series on Poet Activists in the Ploughshares Blog and her author talk on developing voice in Superstition Review‘s podcast series. Rumor has it Stevie is getting geared up to move to Denton, TX and get her geek on as a PhD candidate in creative writing at University of North Texas.



Write and Learn with Mindy Nettifee Online!

Write Bloody poet and writing guru Mindy Nettifee (www.thecultofmindy.com) has spent the last two years in a graduate program studying depth psychology (the branch of psychology that includes studies of the unconscious mind) with a specialization in somatics (neurobiology, the living body, brains, all that). Some areas of concentration have been how creativity works, what makes poets’ brains different, and how poetics, storytelling, and meaning-making act as agents of neuroplasticity to change our brains, change our bodies, and change our lives in very real ways. She is offering for the first time this Fall a six week online generative writing workshop – Creativity, Transformation and the Unconscious Mind – where you can have the chance to apply this fascinating study to your creative process. Think of it as a B12 shot in the ass for your writing. Deadline to apply is September 22! Learn more at: www.poeticslab.org.


Jade Sylvan Broke All the Legs in Their Recent Play! 

Jade Sylvan just closed a run as an actor and commissioned poet in the critically acclaimed play, The T Party! The play explored gender and sexuality through a series of interrelated scenes. Watch Jade’s new poem commissioned for the show here  and read reviews here and here!


Who Knew Both Buddy and the Netherlands Ate So Much Mayonnaise?

Bud’s at a residency in Netherlands (Besiendershuis) to record audio on new work, make videos with local film students, teach workshops and memory skills, finish a screenplay, and perform (he has informed us that they really do eat a shit ton of mayonnaise over there). He’ll be back in the states in October to do shows in Seattle, Houston, L.A., and … Wyoming? Stay tuned for show details coming! (photo by David Renn)


Robbie and Rare Flowers Apparently Go Hand-in-Hand

Robbie Q. Telfer helps restore rare habitat health with the endangered Kankakee mallow, flowering for the first time on its home island in over ten years! Here’s another video of Robbie with such rare flowers! 

NEW DERRICK BROWN COLLECTION contains new work from All The Energies of Death and the best selections from Derrick's previous books. SEP 15.

DERRICK C. BROWN DROPS UH-OH  with Live Shows this Fall!
Derrick C. Brown’s best-of work + brand new chapter, Uh-Oh, launches in September and loads of shows this fall! Check out Derrick’s site for full details!
We Will Be Shelter_WEB_v1
We Will Be Shelter Donations for 2016
Every year, Write Bloody donates the royalties of We Will Be Shelter to a nonprofit of an author’s choice. For 2015, the royalties were donated to The Body is Not an Apology. This year, Write Bloody has decided to donate the 2016 royalties to the organization of Black Lives Matter.

What's Happening

Derrick’s got some shows!

Derrick’s got some shows!

Fall 2016 Books!

Fall 2016 Books!

Meet our Poetry Contest Editors!

Meet our Poetry Contest Editors!

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