Hello. It Doesn’t Matter. by Derrick Brown


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“Derrick Brown doesn’t just report from the human condition, he sings it— capturing how it feels to be absolutely alive in poems that are simultaneously romantic, wacky, soulful, wounded and full of wonder.” — Janet Fitch, author of Paint It Black and White Oleander
“Derrick’s poems, for me, are so generous. Generous in their wit and honesty, mesmerizing fragments of vivid memories. Like sitting next to the most fascinating drunk stranger and hearing his tales. All of them are happily part of my life now.” —H. Jon Benjamin of Bob’s Burgers and Archer
In his rapturous new poetry collection, Brown confesses to every crime of the heart and somehow beats the rap. He does it with keen, unflinching lucidity and breathtaking art.”  —Brendan Constantine, author of Birthday Girl with Possum

“Derrick C. Brown is our modern day Pablo Neruda.” – Amber Tamblyn, Actress, author of Dark Sparkler.

Brown returns with a new collection of beautiful longing and his surefire blend of poetics, humor and darkness.

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