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Gold That Frames the Mirror by Brandon Melendez

Gold That Frames the Mirror by Brandon Melendez

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In Brandon Melendez's debut poetry collection, Gold That Frames the Mirror, nothing sung can truly be lost.

Captivating musings spanning heritage, family, grief, music, and mental illness, these poems embark on a profound quest to unravel the meaning of home, even when the answers seem too painfully vivid to confront.

However, do not misinterpret Melendez as a poet of simple sorrow; even amidst profound loss, he infuses his verses with the potential for wonder and delight, revealing enduring resilience.

In this collection, emotions swirl and entwine, inviting readers to explore the complexities of life, and ultimately, find solace in the glimmers of hope and joy that persist amidst the darkness.

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