A Choir of Honest Killers by Buddy Wakefield

There are no stunt doubles performing the devastation in losing everything. Maybe we are losing everything on purpose. There's a good chance I'm a bad person, trying to do something right. —Buddy Wakefield
A Choir of Honest Killers, Buddy Wakefield's first new book of prose and poetry in eight years, is an episodic novel exploring his creative climb from the gritty underbelly of anger and shame, into the dissolution of tragedy addiction and the unmistakable clearing ahead.
In this staggeringly honest account of life on the road alone, Buddy carefully unpacks a debilitating overcompensation of masculinity, growing up terribly queer in the south, the detriments of public shame, a toxic fear of intimacy, and the devastation of a failed major relationship. All the while, the story is rocketing toward light with refreshing humor and keen insight that Wakefield credits to finding meditation as the love of his life, accepting bliss, and learning how to actually let go.
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