Allow The Light : The Lost Poems of Jack McCarthy

Jack McCarthy lived his life like an open mic. He invited everyone in, encouraged them to share their stories, gave them space for their experiences, and, most importantly, he listened. He listened when we thought no one would ever want to hear us. It didn't matter where he was, California, Boston, Seattle, Bellingham, Spain, New York; Jack could always create community. If you knew him, you know you were lucky to have crossed paths with this quick witted and often hilariously self deprecating Spoken Word master. If you knew him, then you know that when Jack wasn't listening, he was writing. When he passed away in January of 2013, he left behind an immense collection of unpublished work, work that no one has ever seen. It would be a shame to keep this work hidden away, because Jack wrote his work to be shared. To be heard. To be experienced. Now, for the first time, the world will finally be able to read some of Jack McCarthy's unpublished poetry. Allow The Light follows the narrative line of McCarthy's life, from grief and sobriety, to fatherhood, marriage, and divorce. These poems navigate the discovery of new love after loss, the struggles of the working class, and the acceptance of your family's emotional inheritance. Interspersed throughout the collection are remembrances from some of the people that knew Jack's poetry best, writers like Taylor Mali, Ryler Dustin, Robert Lashley, and more.
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