The Best Of Write Bloody Anthology

The Best Of Write Bloody Anthology

Edited by Derrick Brown

Available November 30th.


A little bit of poetry and a little bit of rock and roll.

Write Bloody Publishing is a unique poetry press started in 2004 by traveling poet, musician, comedian, magician and former paratrooper, Derrick C. Brown.

After spending the mid 1990s and early 2000s book touring throughout Europe and the U.S., Brown realized the untapped potential in the contemporary poetry market for authors who were hitting the road reading in bars, theaters and clubs. Authors had to learn the art of building fan-bases by putting on entertaining readings. Their work also had to sing on the page. The road rambling poet was brought back to life.

Within these 250 pages are road stories, tour posters and photos as well as the best poems the press has put out in the last few decades. From Clint Smith to Andrea Gibson and Sarah Kay, Write Bloody has paved the way for generations of poets to come.