2024 Finalist Videos (in no particular order)

Each year, contestants submit their original poetry with the hope of securing a book deal. A diverse panel of Write Bloody editors, poets, and judges conduct a blind reading to select 24 finalists for the next round.

In the final round, finalists are required to submit a video of themselves reading one original piece. This video complements a preliminary manuscript of 20 poems, which will also be judged until only a select few remain.

Here are the video submissions from the 2024 finalists.

Jen Gayda Gupta - Neutral Grounds

Erica Fabri - The Greatest Poem Ever Written

Xiomarra Milann - Brujas

Grayson Thompson - Joy Came After the Prerequisite Courses

Angela Janda - Custody Exchange

Maggie Dillow - Bad Men Bring You Soup

Rebecca Martin - Like Any Queer from Ohio, I Mimicked My Host to Survive

Francis Sanchez - Hold me Like I'm Someone Worth Naming a River After

Geri Gale - In the Beginning

Isabelle Correa - The One Where I Finally Say What I Wanted to Say

Lisa Summe - Gratitude Journal

Chris Watkins - Florida Jesus

Tim Stafford - My Mother in the Kitchen Baking a Cake in the Shape of a Penis

Marek Kulig - 20 Years Later, a Conversation Between My Father and Polska

Mae Steele - For Sale or Trade

Josh Lillie - Birds I've Never Known

Tyler Hurula - I’ve Only Been Told I’m Hard to Read by People I Don’t Like

Zachary Kluckman - It Takes Patience to Love a Trauma Survivor

Catherine Weiss - The Multitool

Benjamin Rhodes - Poem In Which All Trans People Are Safe

Ronnie K. Stephens - Self Portrait

Summer Awad - Tomorrow, Insha’Allah

Olivia Piper - Queer Joy

Elle Shepard - Mapping