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Allow The Light : The Lost Poems of Jack McCarthy

Allow The Light : The Lost Poems of Jack McCarthy

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Jack McCarthy, a Spoken Word master who lived life like an open mic, inviting everyone in with warmth and encouragement.

He listened when others felt unheard, creating a sense of community wherever he went. Now, in a beautiful tribute to his legacy, "Allow The Light" unveils Jack's unpublished poetry for the very first time.

From grief to sobriety, fatherhood to divorce, these powerful poems chronicle the highs and lows of his life, navigating love, loss, and the struggles of the working class. As you journey through the pages, you'll be touched by the raw emotion and poignant reflections, experiencing the depths of Jack's heart and soul.

Interwoven with remembrances from fellow writers who knew him best, this collection is a treasure trove of shared experiences and intimate insights.

Grab a copy of Allow The Light and be inspired by the brilliance of Jack McCarthy's legacy, a gift meant to be shared with the world.

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