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Any Psalm You Want by Khary Jackson

Any Psalm You Want by Khary Jackson

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Indulge in the poetic brilliance of Khary Jackson, a truly unique voice that beautifully blends the worlds of Saul Williams and Pablo Neruda.

As a child of the hip-hop generation, Jackson's verses exude intimacy and passion, drawing you in with every word. In his first book, the reader will be swept away by fantastical imagery that sparks imagination, while also being touched by moments of quiet vulnerability that resonate deep within.

With fearless courage, Jackson bears witness to the rites of loss, weaving emotions into a tapestry of raw and powerful verse. Experience the magic of Khary Jackson's poetic journey, as his words take you on a profound and unforgettable ride through the depths of the human experience.

Prepare to be moved, inspired, and forever changed by Any Psalm You Want.

"Khary Jackson's work is terrifyingly wonderful, like a scorpion hiding in the shoe of your worst enemy."

Shane Hawley

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