Atrophy by Jackson Burgess

These poems celebrate the past while mourning it, armed with the advantage of retrospect. Prescription drugs, dog fights, dance parties, love letters, and ghosts—the world depicted is at times dark, at times humorous, but always human. Atrophy is vulnerable and cinematic, a series of manic meditations exploring what it means to love and be loved, to hurt and be hurt.
"Jackson Burgess' Atrophy is simply shattering-- in its apocalyptic intensity, its relentless drive, its urgent music, its desperate tenderness. These are songs of innocence wrecked in experience, rendered in language that blazes and swerves. Here is the world on jagged edge, a post-midnight landscape as beautiful as it is ruined, dark and full of wonder."
- Cecilia Woloch, author of Carpathia


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