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Birthday Girl with Possum by Brendan Constantine

Birthday Girl with Possum by Brendan Constantine

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Birthday Girl with Possum, a collection of poems that will tug at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone.

In these verses, you'll find a mix of heartbreak and humor, reaffirming the innocent and insightful conclusions we've all had about the world. Constantine's dreamy abstraction and emotional intensity leap off the page and come alive, this book is a reminder of the magic and wonder that lies within us all.

Constantine fearlessly embraces a diverse array of styles, from odes to codes, lectures to letters, even tests and attendance sheets, crafting a poetic masterpiece from each. Explore a world where imagination knows no bounds, and every poem becomes a voyage of self-discovery. 

"After reading Brendan Constantine's Birthday Girl with Possum/ it becomes clear that he loves the art of poetry so much/ he's probably sleeping with it/ You will live and die by these poems/ though I don't recommend the latter/ Your cat will definitely die/ the dog is not safe/ There is a brain/ It is cracked wide open/ In the space, convention is cherished and not necessary/ In the space you will laugh like you've always been a girl/ It is this space that these poems inhabit/ like undiscovered water between the sand and the oil."

- Rick Lubert, author of Sinzzibuckwud!

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