Bring Down the Chandeliers by Tara Hardy

Bring Down the Chandeliers is an exploration of trauma, body and faith. It is also an inquiry into forgiveness. As such these poems are not just for sexual assault survivors; they are for anyone who has struggled to forgive oneself and/or one’s trespassers. They are for anyone making a life in the midst of aftermath. Tara Hardy is, as Dorothy Allison claims, “The real deal. Passionate, brave, gifted, insightful, dead-on in language and craft.”

"You have a voice that speks to the most hurt angry part of me in the best way possible--a voice that neither denies the complexity of the grief and injury inherent in the broken life nor dwells in that hurt place. These poems take a deep breath and sing of the remade life, the girl who will not destroy herself, the woman who has found a way to stand proud in her own skin. I want to read this book out loud to those I love. I want to give it to the bent-neck, hesitant, wounded young people I meet all the time. I want to say read this an draw your own breaths in response."

Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina

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