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Ceremony for the Choking Ghost by Karen Finneyfrock

Ceremony for the Choking Ghost by Karen Finneyfrock

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Ceremony for the Choking Ghost is a collection that goes into the depths of grief and its impact on the body, memory, and the world around us.

After a haunting silence following the loss of her sister, Karen's voice returns with a resounding intensity, whispering at first and then soaring like a scream. With each poem, she exorcises her emotions, transforming half of the book into a powerful ritual of healing.

Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting verses that grace the pages of "Ceremony for the Choking Ghost." These words are not confined to the realm of personal loss; they possess an extraordinary ability to resonate with the very essence of human emotions, whether you've personally experienced loss or simply cherish the exploration of love and life's most profound moments.

Ceremony for the Choking Ghost is an invitation to confront our own ghosts and find solace in the beauty of words, making this book essential to any reading list.

"Finneyfrock writes poetry with muscular verve and narrative push. The depth and breadth suggested in just a few polished images placed next to each other will make you reconsider what poetry can do . . .
If you've never enjoyed poetry once in your whole life-if even the word "poetry" makes you want to fall asleep, or die-you should read Karen Finneyfrock's new book of poetry, Ceremony for the Choking Ghost." - Paul Constant, editor The Stranger

"...Finneyfrock's poems, then, are Shields's perfect novels: a shelf full of long, elaborate, heartfelt books that have been whittled down to their bare, sharp skeletons." - Paul Constant, editor "The Stranger”

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