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Drive Here and Devastate Me by Megan Falley (paperback)

Drive Here and Devastate Me by Megan Falley (paperback)

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Dive into the extraordinary world of Megan Falley's poetic masterpiece, a collection that crackles with raw emotion and unabashed truth.

In her much-anticipated fourth book, Falley unveils a captivating dance of exacting wit and lush lyrical imagery that will leave you breathless. You'll feel the pulse of her heart as she pours her love onto the pages, not only for her partner, but for language, queerness, and the liberating power of dismantling shame.

With unflinching bravery, these poems fearlessly tackle the issues plaguing our society - from gun violence to toxic masculinity, from LGBTQ* struggles to the oppression of women's bodies.

Amid the darkness, Falley captures a vivid wildness that ignites the reader and sets the page ablaze.  Allow yourself to be moved, inspired, and forever changed. This book is not just a collection of poems; it's a powerful journey that will leave the reader forever changed. 

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