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Every Little Vanishing by Sheleen McElhinney

Every Little Vanishing by Sheleen McElhinney

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Every Little Vanishing emerges as a collection of poetry characterized by an unapologetic and undiluted honesty.

These verses embark on a journey with daring vulnerability, guiding readers into the profound recesses of the human experience. Within the dimly lit confines of the darkroom, the poems traverse the spectrum from the innocence of a wounded child to the audacity of an unrestrained adolescent.

The collection unflinchingly touches upon the heartrending sorrow of sibling loss entwined with the clutches of addiction, while also delving into the intricate terrains of marriage and the multifaceted role of motherhood.

In the midst of this emotional odyssey, Mcelhinney extends a compelling invitation to readers—an invitation to embrace transformation and renewal. Through the pages of this collection, she encourages us to squarely face the overwhelming presence of grief, allowing it to shape us and propel our growth.

This anthology's remarkable strength lies in its call to not only confront the impact of life's trials but also to wholeheartedly accept their influence, ultimately fostering a journey towards a more resilient and profound understanding of ourselves.

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