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Everyone I Love Is a Stranger to Someone by Annelyse Gelman

Everyone I Love Is a Stranger to Someone by Annelyse Gelman

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Everyone I Love Is a Stranger to Someone skillfully melds wit and tenderness, forming an entrancing voyage through the intricate layers of the human journey.

Annelyse Gelman's inaugural anthology of poetry orchestrates a brilliant fusion of disparate realms—melding Greek mythology with contemporary Top 40 hits, intertwining Pavlov and Sartre, and seamlessly connecting the expanse of a space station with the intimacy of a zoo.

Through an artful combination of shadowy humor and unforeseen moments of warmth, this collection promises a beguiling encounter that both enchants and captivates. Gelman's work stretches the confines of convention, inviting readers to revel in a tapestry where the ordinary converges with the extraordinary, evoking a sense of delight that lingers long after the final page.

"The instability of life, its aching craziness, is not usually met with the poise these poems show. Vulnerable yet full of spunk, Everyone I Love Is A Stranger to Someone is startlingly delightful--or is that delightfully startling? Either way, reader, prepare yourself for a new, strange joy."

- Dean Young

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