Heavy Lead Birdsong by Ryler Dustin

Heavy Lead Birdsong by Ryler Dustin

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Within the pages of Ryler Dustin's Heavy Lead Birdsong, one discovers a captivating anthology of love poems that boldly shatter the confines of convention.

Unfolding like a tapestry of imagination, these verses transport us into a world where an elderly man nurtures orchards within the confines of his chest, angels converse through the canvas of boxcar graffiti, and a daring car journey plunges us into the abyss of the Ice Age – a testament to the seamless fusion of scientific and religious influences, elegantly woven throughout the collection.

Brimming with a delicate touch of humor, these poems effortlessly transcend the weight of contemporary political woes. More than just poetic renderings, they become vessels of solace and inspiration, offering comfort within their lines. Amidst the ink and metaphor, Heavy Lead Birdsong emerges as a celebration of the resolute human spirit – a testament to resilience, providing redemption that can potentially emancipate us from the trials and tribulations of life.

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