I Love Science! by Shanny Jean Maney
I Love Science! by Shanny Jean Maney

I Love Science! by Shanny Jean Maney

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Shanny Jean Maney possesses a remarkable skill for alchemizing everyday language into poetry infused with curiosity and an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Her verses navigate the intricate landscapes where seemingly mundane elements—alarm clocks, dogs, and even Jeff Goldblum—converge, encapsulating the very essence of the mysteries pondered by contemporary philosophers.

Within the world of I Love Science!, Maney presents a reminder that knowledge wields the power to evoke both profound heartache and unbridled laughter. In her hands, the boundaries between poetry and science dissolve, revealing their connection and the beauty of their intertwined narratives.

This collection stands as a testament to Maney's ability to illuminate the poetic potential that lies within scientific exploration, urging readers to revel in the whimsical dimensions of the world around us.

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