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Lessons on Being Tender-headed by Janae Johnson

Lessons on Being Tender-headed by Janae Johnson

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In her debut collection of poetry, Janae Johnson embarks on an exploration of what it means to be "tenderheaded," going beyond the realm of Black hair to uncover the multifaceted ways in which we conceal our pain.

Originally ignited by the world of women's basketball, the collection undergoes a profound evolution, blossoming into a moving coming-of-age narrative that orbits around the core themes of Black queer masculinity, the journey towards emotional healing, and the relentless pursuit of finding one's place of belonging.

Each poem within the collection embraces a dynamic spectrum of emotions while punctuated with moments of humor. These moments celebrate life's unique instances, such as the endurance of an eight-hour hair appointment and the empowering choice to adorn a ponytail.

Lessons On Being Tenderheaded serves as a guiding compass, leading readers through the intricate landscape of how we internalize and suppress both major and minor traumas. Johnson's collection invites us to peer beneath the surface, unearthing the layers of vulnerability that shape our experiences and, ultimately, connect us to the shared human journey.

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