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Open Your Mouth like a Bell by Mindy Nettifee (Paperback)

Open Your Mouth like a Bell by Mindy Nettifee (Paperback)

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In her third full-length poetry collection, Nettifee embarks on a profound quest to unravel the madness that often infiltrates our daily lives.

Within the pages of Open Your Mouth like a Bell, she fearlessly dives into the depths of both personal and cultural madness. Through her poetry, Nettifee skillfully blends studies of the unconscious with the raw energy of punk chaos, the urgency of feminist politics, and the evolution of human connection through kissing. 

Within this compelling work, Open Your Mouth like a Bell fearlessly unearths the intricate roots of personal, familial, and cultural complexities, laying them bare for all to contemplate.

Nettifee's verses shed a revealing light on the forces that shape our existence, whether hidden in the shadows or thriving on the surface, she invites readers to explore the layers of our human experience.

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