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Over the Anvil We Stretch By Anis Mojgani

Over the Anvil We Stretch By Anis Mojgani

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Through his wild and surreal poems, Anis Mojgani skillfully writes a collection that maps out the country of memory and experience.

Within the pages of Over the Anvil We Stretch, life's memories unfold, bathed in the serene blue-green hues of the bayou. Mojgani's verses come to life with the symphony of crickets in the dark, conveying candid and tender emotions.

Readers will traverse through briar patches and bask in the gentle glow of moonlight, immersing themselves in poems that balance raw honesty with an enchanting quality. Mojgani's words invite us to explore the intricacies of human existence, offering both a vivid portrayal of life's landscapes and a heartfelt connection to the essence of our shared experiences.

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