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Scandalabra by Derrick C. Brown (Paperback)

Scandalabra by Derrick C. Brown (Paperback)

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Scandalabra boils with true grit Americana, sensual power and black oceanic wildness.

Written at sea aboard a fishing vessel and in the hills of Tennessee, Derrick Brown's long awaited new collection of poetry and prose roars in six unique sections never before seen from this acclaimed writer. Includes Church of The Broken Axe Handle and Cotton In The Air.

"I wish I had written, "Patience". I mean written it down on paper. I've thought it to myself several times in different countries, but now Derrick has re-earned my trust after initially losing it by titling his book with a pun."

-Comedian David Cross

Derrick C. Brown basically rules. I want to read this book over and over again.

- Elizabeth Kiefer, UR Chicago

Drenched in a spotlight and alone onstage, Derrick wooed huge venues of drunken hecklers, college kids, and hipsters alike into listening to poetry at a rock show. Quite the accomplishment. Brown is leading a revolution to inject poetry, both written and spoken, with the raucous and booze-infused spirit of rocknroll.

- Sara Graham, Venuszine

"He is one of America's greatest unknown literary talents. Derrick has blown honesty and humor into the darkness and has somehow made poetry cool again."

-Nylon Magazine

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