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Songs from Under the River by Anis Mojgani

Songs from Under the River by Anis Mojgani

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Songs from Under the River represents a curated masterpiece, drawing from the wellspring of six captivating years of national performances, meticulously handpicked to grace the pages of Anis Mojgani's third Write Bloody release.

This compilation isn't confined to the celebrated hits; it's a treasure trove that reveals hidden gems, the poet's personal favorites, and previously unreleased works, offering readers an immersive experience into the complete essence of Mojgani's Nola spirit.

Mojgani's words leave you awestruck by the enchanting landscapes of this peculiar world, all while bearing witness to the transformative power of audacious desire.

Mojgani's poetry is a testament to the profound impact that art can have, inviting readers to journey through the vibrant complexities of emotions and experiences woven into every verse.

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