Birthday Girl with Possum by Brendan Constantine

Birthday Girl with Possum contains heartbreaking and hilarious poems reaffirming our youngest conclusions about the world. Known for his dreamy abstraction and the emotional ferocity on the page and on the stage, this is a birthday card from the phenomenal world to our wildest selves. No approach to writing (odes, codes, lectures, letters, tests and attendance sheets) is left unexploited as a means to poetry.

"After reading Brendan Constantine's Birthday Girl with Possum/ it becomes clear that he loves the art of poetry so much/ he's probably sleeping with it/ You will live and die by these poems/ though I don't recommend the latter/ Your cat will definitely die/ the dog is not safe/ There is a brain/ It is cracked wide open/ In the space, convention is cherished and not necessary/ In the space you will laugh like you've always been a girl/ It is this space that these poems inhabit/ like undiscovered water between the sand and the oil."

- Rick Lubert, author of Sinzzibuckwud!

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