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Bring Down the Chandeliers by Tara Hardy

Bring Down the Chandeliers by Tara Hardy

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Bring Down the Chandeliers, where the exploration of trauma, body, and faith intertwines with an insightful inquiry into forgiveness.

Bring Down the Chandeliers converges with a profound and insightful inquiry into the transformative power of forgiveness. 

This collection of poems transcends boundaries and resonates deeply, encompassing far more than the experiences of sexual assault survivors. It touches the core of the universal human struggle – the journey to forgive both oneself and others. With each carefully crafted verse, the words transcend the page, igniting a universal resonance.

Immerse yourself in the raw and poignant verses that grace the pages of this literary masterpiece. Feel the weight of each word as it carries within it the potential to mend wounds, uplift spirits, and offer solace to weary souls. 

Hardy's collection stands as an emotive testament, a poignant reminder that even in the face of adversity, healing is not only attainable but inevitable. The pages of this collection hold a mirror to your own challenges, reflecting the capacity for growth, renewal, and ultimately, triumph.

"You have a voice that speks to the most hurt angry part of me in the best way possible--a voice that neither denies the complexity of the grief and injury inherent in the broken life nor dwells in that hurt place. These poems take a deep breath and sing of the remade life, the girl who will not destroy herself, the woman who has found a way to stand proud in her own skin. I want to read this book out loud to those I love. I want to give it to the bent-neck, hesitant, wounded young people I meet all the time. I want to say read this an draw your own breaths in response."

Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina

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