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Built By Storms by Miriam Kramer

Built By Storms by Miriam Kramer

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Prevalent in many of Miriam Kramer’s eclectic poems are the intersecting pathways of grief and trauma, hope and recovery.

In her works, Miriam presents odes to getting clean followed by poems excoriating the god of gas station bathrooms. There are lyrical introspections on the bird figurines of her mind that are her thoughts of her late friend—and there are poems about punching walls.

But sometimes the path to healing isn’t clear. Sometimes the next step can only be seen in another reality. In Miriam’s myriad words, she processes what has happened over her storied life through the lens of what has not: A dear friend not dying of cancer; what her family photographs would look like had she died in a car accident; that friend being sent to prison instead of overdosing.

These alternate worlds sometimes expand to briefly touch the fictional, like the time she was relieved to be getting skinnier only to learn she was literally shrinking. Or when she was an engine driver, until she witnessed a man lie down on the tracks in order to die. Or when she called the poison control hotline thinking it was the suicide hotline—not to be confused with the time she had Google Assistant help arrange her flight to the Netherlands where assisted suicide is legal.

In these poems, Miriam demonstrates what it means to be built by the storms of our past, our what-ifs, our lost relationships, and what it means to survive all that was and could have been.

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Miriam Kramer is a queer, Jewish poet residing in New Jersey with her partner and two cats. She majored in Creative Writing at Pacific University and currently works at an educational nonprofit. Her poetry has appeared in Variant Literature, So to Speak Journal, FreezeRay Poetry, and others. She is the author of three chapbooks prior to her debut full length collection with Write Bloody Publishing. Miriam has performed her poetry in front of a wide range of audiences in a variety of venues across the United States. She’d be thrilled to come read for you. Find her on social media: @miriadwords
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Grayson Thompson
"I promise you, one day you will wake up..."

It was timely, to complete the book after re-watching The Matrix series. Miriam's Built By Storms is a promise to anyone flying by, caught in a category winds - you will wake up. You will be messy, and it won't be easy, but you're not the end of another awkward story. You are not the answer to a backhanded compliment. You are here and Miriam writes to that possible feeling of arrival, of being here. Counting to five and believing your life is not by accident. Thank you to this book.

Suzanne Stone
Amazing Book - Thank you Write Bloody publishing

This collection of poems may bring you to tears or make you uneasy, but it will also demonstrate in unbelievably expressive language the power of resilience and hope. At the end you are struck by the raw emotion, courage, and strength of the poet. She embodies the definition of a poet: a creative artist with extraordinary linguistic capabilities and special sensitivity to the medium. Miriam Kramer’s sensitivity extends to the human soul. You will never be the same after reading this book.

Zachary Kluckman
A Compelling and Authentic Collection

This collection by Miriam Kramer is a worthy addition to any poetry lover's shelf! I read this on twice upon opening, The poems in this book evoke a kind of punk rock, die-hard determination even as they speak to those moments when your strength and your hope are gone and you just want to stop hurting. Speaking to mental health, suicidal ideation and trauma, Kramer also reminds the reader to look towards the small graces that we stumble upon during our journeys in this lifescape. There is an authenticity to these poems that people with similar experiences, like myself, will resonate with highly. But even for those who may not have some of these experiences, you are certain to find the grit and the unflinching eye with which Kramer gazes upon the world compelling and genuine. And make no mistake, this is a collection which finds hope and even a dash of gratitude on the other side of struggle. I highly recommend Built by Storms.


It is truly an amazing read of poems from the heart filled with compelling insights. Miriam Kramer’s words evoke such a great range of emotions I felt myself instantly swept away. Her language captured me to the final page.

I reread it immediately.

Built By Storms is a testament to the beauty and surrender found in truth, conviction, love and the compassion necessary for self and one another.

I cannot wait to read more from this exceptionally gifted writer.