SUNSET RESET Workshop Series

Write Bloody and Tati present
Sunset Reset
a creative writing and mindfulness workshop for writers
Join us online at 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Pacific Time. Four Sundays in April.
Are you ready to enhance your poetry and improve your delivery? Want to conquer writer's block and explore unconventional paths like TV and Comedy writing? We're here to guide you. Get insider tips on getting published and winning contests! Let's infuse a little "woo" into your poetic arsenal. Let the journey begin!
Embark on a month-long journey of poetic exploration with our immersive poetry writing course. Over four sessions, held weekly, you'll join live, interactive 90-minute classes online via Zoom. Links to each session will be emailed to you the night before.
In these sessions, you'll not only craft new poetry but also receive invaluable tips to elevate your creative mind, you'll also learn writing tips to new heights of creativity and strength. Q and A, as well as prompts outside of class. The class is all meat and practice. No hour long "quiet time" sessions.
For those facing financial constraints, we offer five scholarships. However, we kindly request that scholarship recipients commit to attending all sessions with full engagement.
This year, we're introducing two exciting additions:
1. lessons in humor writing and performance, and
2. insights into the business side of publishing, film and TV writing.
Plus, we're thrilled to welcome co-teacher Tatiana, who will guide us through mindfulness practices to center ourselves, ease our minds, and summon inspiration. You have to get the mind ready to call down the muse and Tati will show you, each session, simple ways to do this, live.
Each class will include a holistic component designed to quiet the chatter of the mind and cultivate an environment conducive to creativity. Expect guided meditation, creative visualization, group sharing on mindfulness themes, and breathwork. By quieting distractions, including our inner critic, we create space to tap into our best selves and produce our finest work. If you're ready to fully harness your creativity, this is your year.
To reserve your place (as enrollment is limited), shoot us an email at and include your name, a brief note about your creative interests, and what you're most looking forward to in the class.
Regular Rate: $250.00 per person (after March 15)
Early Bird: $150.00 per student (payment before March 15)
We also accept:
Venmo: @derrick-brown-4​
Note: Refunds will not be granted, but credits for future classes will be provided.
Tatiana Oliveira Simonian is a mindfulness practitioner and former Fortune 100 global marketing executive for Amazon, Twitter, Disney and more. In her current role, Simonian provides holistic coaching alongside marketing and communications strategy for individuals and brands. A passionate creative, she is also a lifelong writer, keynote speaker, and musician. Her editorial credits include LA Weekly, LA Times, Rolling Stone, and serving as Associate Editor of Anthem Magazine. In 2021, she released the EP, Love and Other Ghosts, with her band, The Blonde Names. She resides in Southern California with her husband and two lively chihuahuas.
Derrick C. Brown is the recipient of the 2013 Texas Book of The Year award for Poetry. A former paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne, he is also the president of Write Bloody Publishing, recognized by Forbes and Filter Magazine as one of the best independent presses in the country. Brown is the author of ten books of poetry. His new comedy album, A Close Shave with Heaven, released on sub-pop, was named one of Paste Magazine's albums of the year. He has also contributed to a forthcoming film from Skydance, set for release in 2024. The New York Times describes his work as "...a rekindling of faith in the weird, hilarious, shocking, beautiful power of words."
Derrick's River workshop was packed with actionable, practical advice for beating writer's block, and sparking creativity. I found the prompts charged me to write outside of my normal style and I left each session with at least one fresh, dynamic piece I could really feel proud of.
This workshop was an amazing opportunity to explore the experience of writing. It provided an engaging cross between writing as a profession as well as a passion. The insights Derrick was able and willing to share from his time spent in this community were entertaining, educational, and invaluable for anyone looking to learn more about the art and practice of poetry.
The Your River Is Waiting workshop is delightfully jam-packed with generative prompts, illuminating editing exercises and crucial publishing tips. It was the ideal class to shake up my creative practice and reignite a fearless engagement with writing.
I cannot say enough good things about the Your River is Waiting workshop. It's by far one of the most inspired writing classes I have ever participated in. Derrick is such a thoughtful instructor and each week's class had wonderfully curated exercises and speakers. My formal training is in writing prose, so presenting my poetry to strangers was a daunting thought. The workshop lent to such an inviting atmosphere, I was never uncomfortable in sharing my work. I've since even started sending off incomplete pieces to friends without hesitation. The writing practices Derrick encouraged us to put into action will no doubt help me in many aspects of my work going forward. If even a tiny part of you is intrigued by the workshop, sign up! You will be so glad you did.
Between Derrick's wealth of experience, the amazing guests and hanging with my fellow river rats, my understanding of poetry was constantly challenged, and I found myself waking up each day more inspired to write. You know it's a good workshop when you exit both full and more hungry.
Your River is Waiting is the workshop for people who’ve got the chops to write, but need guidance on where to bite down. Derrick Brown uses his wealth of experience, and soothing vocal stylings, to take you through a no-nonsense look at brainstorming, editing, crafting, and publishing poetry. With guests from different arenas of the writing world, he gives you all the juice you need to squeeze something fresh out of your own mind. I spent 10 years writing poetry that never saw the light of day, and after four weeks in this workshop I’d written five brand new poems and shared them widely. 10/10 would ride the river again.
I found Derrick's workshop incredibly fulfilling! The depth of his knowledge and experience, the caliber of guest lecturers, and warmth & openness of the participants kicked me out of a long creative drought. And it was super fun with zero pretension. I couldn't recommend this series more highly.
Ever get your mind blown with a magic trick and wonder how the hell it got pulled off? Well Derrick Brown is a magician and a certifiable witch that doesn't hold anything back in revealing a big bag o' tricks in his workshops. He lets us see his early seeds of inspiration, the germination, the growing of it, the trimming and coming to fruition. And he brings in guests like editors and great poets and producers to talk about their process and successful actions. All in all, a great bang for the buck! I thoroughly enjoyed it.