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Kissing Oscar Wilde by Jade Sylvan

Kissing Oscar Wilde by Jade Sylvan

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In Kissing Oscar Wilde, a tenderly penned memoir by author Jade Sylvan, an intimate journey unfolds as she embarks on a voyage to Paris in the pursuit of both love and a singular man.

This enthralling narrative takes the reader through Sylvan's transition from the shores of America to the captivating underground realm of artists in Paris, immersing herself in the allure of art, culinary delights, and the embrace of profound intimacy. As the pages turn, a vivid portrait emerges of the artist as a multidimensional queer individual, venturing deep into the labyrinthine complexities of love through Sylvan's candid and heartfelt "deconstruction of romance."

Come into a world where Sylvan's exploration of love in all its intricate and metamorphic forms serves as a guiding thread through the narrative. As she navigates the intersections of art, identity, and affection, readers are invited to accompany Sylvan on this personal odyssey, where the pursuit of love unearths a rich collection of experiences and emotions that resonate deeply within the heart.

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